Write ON: Week 4 Goals
Write ON: Week 4 Goals

Write ON: Week 4 Goals


[Image above: Tomb of Barthélémy, bishop of Laon, at abbey of Foigny. Edouard Fleury, Illustrations de Antiquités et monuments du département de l’Aisne, Vol. 4, 77]

Day 1—Monday

It’s a muggy, humid morning with the kind of sky that hints that we’ll shortly be facing a most horrific thunderstorm. But while I’m waiting for that to get here, I’ve got a thermos full of tea, a desk to myself, and some continuing edits to do on Chapter 4.

Session Goal: 250 words. 348 words.

Day 2—Wednesday

Today I’ll be continuing with Chapter 4, this time a section looking at the familial connections of Barthélémy de Jur, bishop of Laon, and his involvement with the early growth of the Premonstratensian Order.

Session Goal: 300 words. 338 words. I think I’ve untangled a knotty genealogical problem about Ermengarde of Roucy and her connection to Barthélémy, with a little help from doodling a family tree and a return to the original charters. This is the best kind of logic problem.

Day 3—Friday

I’m going to finish up the section on Ermengarde of Roucy and if I get that done by the end of the session, I’ll turn to looking at Premonstratensian obituaries.

Session Goal: 300 words. 508 words. Goals achieved! And with another genealogical connection unexpectedly made which helps to solidify a point I’d been making—serendipitous.

Weekly Total: 1194 words.


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