Write ON: Week 5 Goals
Write ON: Week 5 Goals

Write ON: Week 5 Goals

Day 1—Monday

It’s another soupy, humid day outside, but I hope that we’ll get a thunderstorm to bring us some relief before we hit the forecast high for this afternoon’s heat index: 43C/109F. But despite wanting to curl up somewhere with an icepack or three, another week of the Write ON begins. This morning I want to finish the section I’ve been working on, on Premonstratensian obituaries.

Session Goals: 250 words. 307 words. I got distracted a little but only because I’d finally worked out how to do a (very minor) mapping thing that will hopefully make things easier and quicker for me in the future.

Day 2—Wednesday

I’m continuing on with writing about obituaries, affiliations of prayer, and commemoration today, and working in some of my manuscript finds from yesterday, like the snippet pictured above of a manuscript from the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Remi at Reims [BM Reims 346, f.100v] which mentions the Premonstratensian women of Gérigny.

Session Goal: 400 words. 530 words. And worked out another interesting episcopal familial connection, to boot!

Day 3—Friday

The end of the week, and it’s still so humid outside that water is condensing on the air-conditioned windows of the Writing Centre. Still, time to persevere with getting the last part of the obituaries section into shape.

Session Goal: 500 words. 567 words. I’m still not quite at the end of the obituaries section, but it’s nice to find you have more to say about a source than you thought! I have at least got the section about Saint-Paul de Verdun finished, so my next task will be to write the conclusion for this part of the chapter.

Weekly Total: 1404 words.

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