Write ON: Week 3 Goals
Write ON: Week 3 Goals

Write ON: Week 3 Goals

Day 1—Wednesday

I’m getting underway a little later than usual this week—I was away in Illinois for a few days, helping a friend to move into her beautiful new home. There was lots of box hauling and furniture construction, which means I’m tired right now, but also riding a feeling of completion and accomplishment that you don’t get on a regular basis when dissertation writing. I hope I’ll be able to carry that feeling into this morning’s work.

Session Goal: 200 words. 351 words. Not too bad! This morning I’ve been focusing on the tombs of the female members of the comital family of Dreux and Braine—particularly the tomb pictured above which is of Marie de Bourbon (d. 1274), the wife of Jean I of Dreux.

Day 2—Thursday

This morning, I’m aiming to continue on with writing about the tomb of Marie de Bourbon. I’ll probably also be needing a lot of caffeine. For some reason, this is a Thursday morning that feels like a Monday.

Session Goal: 200 words. 353 words. There’s a particular struggle that comes from trying to explain complicated genealogical relationships clearly, even when there’s also a family tree for readers to refer to. Hopefully this paragraph isn’t as clear as mud—but then, that’s what editing is for.

Day 3—Friday

It’s the day before the Fourth of July, so there are only a valiant few (I think all non-Americans) here at the writing group. But I took the precaution of bringing along a very large travel tumbler of tea, so I’m fortified and hope to soldier on despite the reduced numbers.

Session Goal: 200 words. 427 words. I’ve moved onto the next section—or at least, realised that the next section needs to be moved up to the introduction in order to better frame what I’m trying to argue in this section.

Weekly Total: 1131 words.

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