Premonstratensian Sources

This site hosts some of the primary sources used in my research on the history of the Premonstratensian Order in medieval France. New items are added regularly.

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Recently Added Items

Seal of Gervais, bishop of Sées

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.09.50.png

Sketch of the seal of Gervais, bishop of Sées, who was abbot of Prémontré, 1209-20.

"Bible" of Guiot de Provins (Extract)

Excerpt from a ca. 1200 satirical text on religious orders.

Institutiones patrum Premonstratensis ordinis

A copy of the mid-thirteenth century statutes of the order. Originates from the Premonstratensian house of Wedinghausen; now held at the BnF.

Letter from Gervais of Prémontré to Ingeborg of Denmark

A letter in which Gervais assures the queen that the Premonstratensians will continue to pray for her.

Tomb Effigy of Agnes of Braine

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Tomb effigy of Agnes de Baudement of Braine, ca. 1204, formerly behind the altar in the Church of St. Mary of Braine.