Write ON: Week 2 Goals
Write ON: Week 2 Goals

Write ON: Week 2 Goals

Day 1—Monday

I’m beginning the second week with more work on the structure of Chapter 4, primarily adding in a section on the women of the de Coucy family and their patronage of the order.

Session Goal: 400 words. 542 words. I’m not yet done with this section, but I’m maybe halfway through roughing it out.

Day 2—Tuesday

Today I’m going to continue with Chapter 4—hopefully I’ll get done with the section on the de Coucy and move onto the Baudement/Braine family.

Session Goal: 250 words. 309 words. As ever, this word count would be much more impressive if I factored in the footnotes that I added!

Day 3—Thursday

I’ve now firmly moved on to looking at the Baudement/Braine family and their acts of patronage. Let’s see how much I can get completed on this section today!

Session Goal: 250 words. 270 words. Sadly some people came into the room and started talking towards the end, just as I was figuring out how to articulate an idea and lost my train of thought entirely. Boo! But I’m sure if it was a thought worth having, it will come back to me eventually.

Weekly Total: 1121 words.


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