Write ON: Week 1 Goals
Write ON: Week 1 Goals

Write ON: Week 1 Goals

Day 1—Monday

Today begins the first of eight weeks of the Writing Center’s Write ON programme, which offers space and support to dissertating graduate students. I’ll be keeping track of my progress in posts here on my blog and in Tweets over at @yvonneseale. This morning, I’ll be reading back through my long-neglected draft of Chapter Three—which is about space and movements of women within the Premonstratensian Order—tightening up the structure and seeing where I can expand on my analysis.

Session Goal: 200 words. 303 words. Chapter Three is now in a full draft form, though I think it can be expanded on significantly as I start to analyse my mapping evidence more.

Day 2—Wednesday

I spent yesterday transcribing and translating the first few folios of Mitchell Library MS 308892, a set of Premonstratensian statutes dating likely to the first quarter of the thirteenth century. Today I start to work what I’ve figured out so far about the manuscript and its origins into Chapter Two, and if that’s accomplished, do some tidying-up work on the structure of Chapter Four.

Session Goal: 200 words. 404 words. I ended up spending more time than I expected tracking down footnote references, but that did help to bolster my argument in places.

Day 3—Friday

Yesterday, I translated the fragmentary statutes ca. 1200 relating to Premonstratensian sisters (which, for reasons too complicated and obscure to explore at this juncture, survive in François d’Amboise’s 1616 edition of the writings of Abelard and Heloïse). Today I add information on this text into Chapter 2.

Session Goal: 350 words. 861 words. Observations on the statutes added! Some more analysis needed, but the rough framework of my argument is in place.

Weekly Total: 1568 words.

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