Write ON: Week 6 Goals
Write ON: Week 6 Goals

Write ON: Week 6 Goals

Day 1—Monday

It felt as if every pavement on the west side of the river was closed this morning due to construction work. Making it to campus as a pedestrian is sometimes a true exercise in endurance. This morning, however, I push onto Chapter 5, having made some progress this past weekend. Since the first part of this chapter is substantially complete, I’ll probably spend this morning’s session mostly tinkering around the edges of it and making sure that the framework is appropriate—the lower word count goal reflects that.

Session Goal: 200 words. 214 words hammered out to help rework the chapter introduction, and now I’m off in search of a well-earned scone.

Day 2—Thursday

Yesterday I was felled by what felt like the beginnings of a summer cold, but thankfully the application of throat lozenges, lots of tea, and an early bed time seem to have warded off the worst of it. I’m back in the writing group today, and am going to work on revising the section of Chapter 5 in which I talk about the abbey of Sainte-Elisabeth of Genlis, from which comes the lovely psalter shown above. (Image: Bibl. Sainte-Geneviève, ms. 2689, f. 009v-010. Source)

Session Goal: 200 words. 227 words. I got slowed down to the end because the section I’m now starting in on needs a lot of heavy lifting with regards to its structure—time to print it out and grapple with it on paper, I think.

Day 3—Friday

Today, I figure out how to structure the case study of the cluster of female houses which were dependent on Prémontré directly. This promises to be somewhat involved.

Session Goal: 300 words. 306 words. Involved indeed! And what I have is still very much in rough outline, but now I’ve just got one chapter to revise before I hit a full first draft of the whole thing.

Week Total: 747 words.


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