Write ON: Week 7 Goals
Write ON: Week 7 Goals

Write ON: Week 7 Goals

Day 1—Monday

We're coming into the home stretch on the programme—only this week and next week to go. Today I'm going to work on the framing structure of the chapters I have so far, because there are several places where I have evidence/analysis but they're not strongly related to one another.

Session Goal: 300 words. 317 words. A little bit of metaphorical teeth-pulling was involved, but I have reworked the introduction to Chapter 3 some; it hopefully is a bit more coherent now.


Day 2—Thursday

Wednesday was an object lesson in not forgetting to charge your phone—mine quietly switched itself off overnight, which meant no alarm and me waking up about 10 minutes before I was supposed to be in the Writing Center (which is a solid 25 minute walk away from my apartment). So here I am instead on Thursday! And with a fully-charged phone.

Back to the same kinds of structural/framing edits.

Session Goal: 300 words. 341 words and some futzing with structure.


Day 3—Friday

Today is the longer session, so I'm going to take advantage of that to translate an intriguing little something I came across in a nineteenth-century collection of assorted documents, and then work some more on structural/framing edits.

Session Goals:

  • Translate conciliar decree. Done.
  • Work on 1240 Rule. Transcribed, translation begun.
  • 500 words. 504 words.


End-of-week Total: 1162 words.


  1. Mary Springer

    Woot woot! Well done. I don’t have a deadline per se, but I hoping to start my real writing August 1. That means this is the last week to get my notes organized and to review sources. The threat of summer ending has officially kicked me into third gear. Keep up the good work!

  2. Isn’t it bizarre how quickly this summer has gone by? Though I suppose that’s the eternal late-summer lament of the academic.
    Well done on wrangling your notes into submission! I’m sure that the writing will feel like a welcome change in comparison!

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