Write ON: Week 6 Goals
Write ON: Week 6 Goals

Write ON: Week 6 Goals

Day 1—Monday

I'm feeling a little fuzzy this morning—though I'm going to apply tea to the issue shortly—but hopefully I'll be able to get some work done this morning regardless. I'll be focusing again on issues of spatial and landscape history.

Session Goal: 400 words. 626 words.


Day 2—Wednesday

Still continuing with the same section today, and aiming for the same amount of progress.

Session Goal: 400 words. 448 words.


Day 3—Friday

This week's been a bit of a slog, but hopefully today's writing session will flow a little more easily. I'm going to be working through some comments that I've received back on my draft so far.

Session Goal: 400 words. 879 words, though this reflects a lot of chopping and changing and moving things around. The actual word count may be somewhat different.

End-of-week total: 1953 words.


  1. Katherine

    Fuzzy mornings are rough. How did it work out? I was fuzzy this afternoon after lunch. I hope I am bright and shiny in the morning. – Katherine (partner in arms)

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