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Local History

I’ve long been aware that my family’s homeplace in Ireland is situated in the midst of a rich archaeological landscape—our fields lie on top of Celtic field systems; half a mile’s walk down the lane is enough to bring you to the site of an early Christian monastery. The discovery of a bog body within a couple of miles of our house, however, is a visceral reminder of the presence of people in that landscape—Laois has been inhabited for a very long time. Indeed, there’s a chance that this set of remains may turn out to be the oldest ever found preserved in an Irish bog.

I’ll be very interested to read the archaeologists’ findings on this discovery—these remains were not just buried in a physically liminal place (points where earth and water met were sacred for the ancient Celts) but in a politically liminal one. If I recall correctly, this area was on the boundary between tuatha.

Body aged over 2,000 years found in Laois bog – The Irish Times.

Portlaoise bog body could be 3,000 years old – RTÉ News.

Solving a 2,000-year-old death.

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