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Starting tomorrow morning, I'll be spending the next eight weeks taking part in the University of Iowa Writing Center's dissertation writing program. As a historian, turning summers' worth of solitary archival research into a dissertation can often be a solitary task, so I'm excited by the prospect of a structured, shared space in which I can both keep myself accountable to my writing goals and get feedback and ideas from others. I'll be keeping track of my progress here on my blog, and probably also on my Twitter, @yvonneseale.


  1. Mary Springer

    Hello, Yvonne! I just noticed that your supervisor served on my comps committee – small world! It’s great to read a bit more about your research. You keep up your blog pretty regularly, which I admire! Before my PhD, I focused on Medieval monasticism, researching manuscript illumination and monastic architecture. I couldn’t settle on a research focus (one that would stay with me for the REST OF MY LIFE), but with the American Collegiate Gothic, I felt like I could have it all! In any event, it would be great to learn more about your research. I see that you are working on MWF morning. I will be attending MTW mornings (and maybe adding an extra day here and there). Maybe I’ll see you there!

  2. Small world indeed! I absolutely sympathise with Academic Magpie Syndrome—I always knew I wanted to study history but when I went into undergrad I thought I’d end up focusing on the ancient world. Now here I am working on France in the High Middle Ages (though, as ever for someone with AMS, with digressions into medieval Ireland) 🙂 I look forward to meeting you in person!

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