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This site hosts some of the primary sources used in my research on the history of the Premonstratensian Order in medieval France. New items are added regularly.

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Tinselve was a grange farm dependent on the abbey of Prémontré.

The abbey of Notre-Dame de Lieu-Restauré, near Bonneuil-en-Valois in the Oise, was founded in 1131 and dissolved in 1791.

Beaurepart Abbey, near Liège, was founded in the 13th century for the Friars Minor, and was given to the Premonstratensian Order in 1288.

La Lucerne Abbey was founded in 1143 by Hasculf de Subligny. It was the motherhouse of the Norman Premonstratensian houses, and was suppressed in 1792.

The abbey of Bucilly was founded as a Benedictine house in 950, and became Premostratensian in 1148.

The abbey of La Chapelle-aux-Planches was located in Puellemontier, Huate-Marne, and was founded in 1145 and survived until the Revolution.

The abbey of Sélincourt was founded in 1130 by Gautier I Tyrel de Poix near Hornoy-le-Bourg, Somme.

The abbey of Joyenval was founded in 1224 by Barthélemy de Roye, chamberlain of Philippe II Auguste.

The Premonstratensian abbey of Thenailles, in the Aisne, was founded around 1130 by Barthélemy de Jur, bishop of Laon.

Floreffe Abbey was the second abbey to become Premonstratensian, in 1121; the community was dissolved in 1797.
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